How to make a Hand-Tied Bouquet

In all of the weddings I have either helped with or done on my own, my favorite part is making the bouquets. They are the most pleasing accomplishment of the whole fiasco!

1) Deciding on flowers: This is where the fun really begins! Some of my favorite combinations are below:

2) Cut the length of the flowers to be 18 inches from bloom to stem end. Combine flowers making sure that the bouquet is even all the way around. Test the bouquet, by placing it as it will be carried, to see if there are any gaps.

3) Place a pipe cleaner at the top of the stems near the blooms. Use wire and tie around the rest of the bouquet until about 5 inches from the bottom.

4) With floral stem wrap, wrap the stems from pipe cleaner to the bottom of the wire tied stems.

5) Cut off the stems about an inch below the stem wrap (or leave long depending on the style).

6) Wrap stems with ribbon by starting at the bottom of the stem wrap and moving the bouquet diagonally until you reach the pipe cleaner. Secure with three pearl pins.

7) Decide what is the front and place a bow or leave just the ribbon.

Voila! A beautiful hand-tied stem bouquet!


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