Season: Winter

What is in season? The Winter Edition

I believe winter weddings can be just as beautiful as spring weddings, if the bride has a taste for whites, taupes, and greens. So, what is in season for a winter wedding?

1) Evergreens: Firs, pines, and cypress make for beautiful greens in winter and are in full glory!



2) Baby’s breath: wreaths, bouquets, and mixed with evergreens


4) Ranunculus

Marisol Lugo-5.26.12 (15)

4) Roses


5) Pine cones


The colors of winter can be soft and muted by using greens, whites, taupe, and soft icy blue, but brides also choose silver, gold, and red accents. The key for winter weddings is staying with the season. Bright daisies and large garden roses are going to cost a pretty penny and feel out of season in wedding photos. Stay seasonal and you will not regret your choices on your big day!


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